July 24, 2017

Welcome! My name is Kristen Arneberg and I am thrilled to connected with you. As you probably can guess, Biofield Tuning is my passion. It opened up incredible power and authenticity for me and I am dedicated to sharing it with the world.

Why Biofield Tuning?

It is simple. It's gentle & noninvasive. It's elegant. It's liberating. What more could you ask from a healing modality? I came to Biofield Tuning almost as a lark.  I had done huge amounts of work on my childhood experiences but had one huge blind spot. My father. He left when I was 2 and died when I was 4. So I had no memories to address or heal or whatever you are supposed to do with masculine parental energy. I literally was like "Who? Oh, yeah that guy."

Simple right? Well not really. No matter how much I would like to believe that is the whole story, the reality is everyone has a father and everyone is affected by him. I am no exception even though I have no consciousness of him. But what are you supposed to do if you have no consciousness of something that is so formative? Therein lies the rub. Meh, rubs suck. 

I had heard of Biofield Tuning from my mom. And like many daughters was a leeeetle resistant to doing anything my mother suggested and frankly it sounded too out there for me, even though I have an extensive background in healing arts and energy modalities. What could a lady with a tuning fork on a prerecorded audio do except make sound? But one day, I decided to try it. I started with the liver as I was doing a liver cleanse with diet and herbs.  According to the description, the liver rules the father and I thought well, I will try this just to see what happens.  

Yowza! I felt my liver jumping, popping and wiggling. Heat suffused my body. Things started flowing and shifting. I was so relaxed that I became one with the couch. When the session was finished, I knew this was the real deal. I was hooked. ​

Afterwards, my irritability and impatience reduced by a factor of 10.  Previous bouts of sugar cravings were non-existent. My diet improved. I have always been heat sensitive - in Ayurveda - I am ALL pitta. I no longer had to have every window in the house open or the air conditioning on at all times, especially to go to sleep. My relationship with both myself and others improved.

It Worked For Others As Well​

Then, I told everyone I know to do it. And the one's that did loved it too. I wasn't some freakish anomaly that is mysteriously affected by tuning fork mp3's. This stuff really works! How cool is that?

I continued Biofield Tuning sessions on a wide range of topics: chakras, organs and concepts like prosperity. And each one was profound and transformative. Somewhere along the way, I realized I wanted to train in Biofield Tuning and help others live freely, in flow and grace. As is our birthright.

I invite you on this journey with me.  I am so thrilled that you are here!

About the Author Kristen Arneberg

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