Weight Loss & Metabolic Sessions

BodyIntuitive weight loss & metabolic programs combine the latest developments in epigenetics, metabolic communicators and emotional release to ensure the body is processing the vast amount of information necessary to maintain a stable and healthy weight.  This includes those who cannot gain weight. 

What to Expect

It generally takes a minimum of 6 sessions to see a difference in your metabolism. and to fully resolve your issues it make take more.  We will begin with a Metabolic intake that assess the impact of various lifestyle factors on your metabolism.  This includes which factors must be addressed first - without which change cannot occur - the epigenetic locks that hold your weight at its current state and how well your hypothalamus is processing the information.  

One size fits all does not work with weight loss or metabolic issues.  The old model of calories in = calories out does not factor in the complexity of the endocrine system, the nervous system or trauma on the body's ability to maintain healthy weight.   

These sessions are only for those who are willing to make lifestyle changes and maintain them.  Without this commitment, the blocks will reassert themselves and change will not manifest.

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Weight Loss & Metabolic SessionsBodyIntuitive weight loss & metabolic programs combine the