HW 10-3-19

Left Root #2. Clearing the anxiety, over stimulation, ungrounded excess energy in reaction to your environment. Healing the effect of tribal conditioning that blocks and truncates power, vitality, strength, autonomy & independence. Clearing the confusion and doubt that accessing all power is permitted. Restoring the commitment to the adventure of living in the body, on planet earth, with tribes, with strength, power, autonomy and independence.

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HW 9-19-19

Right Ankle. Clearing the timidity, hesitation and weakness in learned helplessness. Healing the heartbreak that the world/life/people expect us to be helpless. Restoring the willingness to be see as powerful, strong and capable as we really are.

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HW 9-12-19

Right Thigh. Clearing the visceral, flooding fear of threats and dangers on planet earth and walking your chosen path. Restoring the dignity, strength, power and purpose of your sovereign identity.

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HW 9-5-19

Right knee. Healing the cynicism, fear, defeated, worn out energy that create challenges and obstacles in our lives. Healing the part of us that "has been there, done that" and wants no part of it again. Clearing the frequencies of bitterness and anger that make moving forward so difficult.

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HW 8-15-19

Left foot. Breaking the mud, cement, chains that keeps us mired in toxic situations, in the same place, and prevents us from moving toward the horizon and our hearts desires. Freeing ourselves from the chains that keep us in place and stuck.

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HW 8-1-19

Gall bladder #3. Disaster thinking, impending doom, helplessness, powerlessness, refusing to ask for support when needed, refusing to trust that support will appear.

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HW 7-18-19

Gall bladder #2. Hypervigilance, scanning for threats, inner sentry on guard all the time. Lack of support from father, authority, systems. Being worn defeated and deflated by lack of support.

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HW 7-11-19

Gall bladder. Lack of support from father, authority, systems. Automatic, unthinking action. Being driven endlessly. Healing the victim becoming persecutor creating more victims.

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HW 6-27-19

Diaphragm, deep charging of our energetic batteries, creating updrafts for our Angel Wings, clearing fear and trepidation in taking flight.

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HW 6-20-19

Left Knee. Self sabotage in our health & wellness efforts. Discouraging feelings due to aging. Feeling harassed by the details of execution of health & wellness. Domestication as children dulling passion and momentum. Body as a home vs a prison or temple. Embodying the new vision we have for ourselves.

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