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Biofield Tuning is an incredibly effective method, but it is not necessarily a single, magical, one shot experience where whatever was out of wack is fixed.  But sometimes, I admit it is.  The effects multiply with repeated sessions so it is best to commit to at least three sessions.  Single sessions are available should you wish to try Biofield Tuning.  I highly recommend trying multiple sessions and I guarantee your system will thank you!  

***Please note that Biofield Tuning is not appropriate for those diagnosed with cancer, other serious illnesses, pregnancy, or those using a pacemaker.

Booking your session is easy.  First, purchase your session from the options below, then click the scheduling button below to schedule your times.  If you purchased multiple sessions be sure to schedule those too, about 1 week apart.  I have larger packages, so if you are looking for more tuning (always a great thing!) don't worry!

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During a session, lie or sit comfortably in a quiet place with no interruptions. Your phone will be on speaker during the session. Often, clients place it on their stomachs or a  nearby table so they can fully relax.  Be prepared to let any calls go to voicemail or set your phone to "Do Not Disturb" for the duration of the session.  

Due to noise cancelling software in modern telephones, you will not be able to hear the full range of the tone.  This does not affect the treatment.  Rest assured you are receiving the full benefit of the tuning.  

Please be sure to be hydrated before the session.  Water is the best known conductor for electricity and hydrating yourself leverages this basic law of physics.  It also helps with any detox symptoms you may experience after the session. 

 Most likely you will feel a sense of deep relaxation - sometimes almost immediately - as well as a reduction in anxiety or distress.   It may seem counter intuitive, but distance sessions are ideal.  After the session, you will be able to remain quiet and peaceful in the comfort of your own home.  This way, you can avoid the stress of driving after an in person session.

aFTER A SESSION steps and self care

After your session be sure to drink plenty of water.  Also, take a 20 min bath with 2 cups of Dead Sea Salts.  The salinity of the water is negatively charged, and through osmosis, will draw out positively charged toxins that may be releasing.  If you find yourself experiencing detox symptoms, your fist remedy should be a salt bath.  It will speed up and ease the detox process. 

 Remember that detox is the process of moving out what is no longer a match for your current state of frequency.  This is definitely a case of better out than in!  In my experience, significant detox is a sign that self care has been lacking and your body and system are really taking advantage of the treatment you have received.  Believe it or not, this is a fantastic outcome.  You will feel significantly better soon with a new sense of lightness and clarity.  Hang on, you can make it! Hugs!