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Not sure where to begin your Biofield Tuning Journey?  Start with the sessions found in the Beginning Sequence Tab.   All sessions are indexed under the Library tab.  The library is searchable.  Remember to use the Tuning Journal to track your progress.

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These sessions begin with the feet and work their way up the legs to the root chakra. The root chakra is the foundation for your experience on the planet, in 3 dimensional reality and as a member of humanity.   The legs are the vehicle for your third chakra (your identity) to move through the world.   These sessions affect all the other energy systems in your field, so begin here to get the best results.  

These sessions are very powerful so pace yourself as you work through them.  It is especially helpful to use the Tuning Journal with these sessions.  





Left Foot

Breaking the mud, cement, chains that keeps us mired in toxic situations, in the same place, and prevents us from moving toward the horizon and our hearts desires. Freeing ourselves from the chains that keep us in place and stuck.


Right Foot

Clearing the blocks to moving forward, healing the part of us that refuses to be seen moving forward, believes that making efforts towards our goals is futile and pointless. Healing the ancestral influence of sorrow, grief, despair, anger, rage at being blocked. Healing the heartache over the broken promise of living.


Left Ankle

Clearing the energy of having to do things and follow rules that you really do not want to and interfere with your dreams and desires. Healing the blocks to receiving love, passion, creativity, abundance, fun and prosperity that result from doing what you do not want to all the time. Clearing the fear of isolation and despair when you do not give your power away.


Right Ankle

Clearing the timidity, hesitation and weakness in learned helplessness. Healing the heartbreak that the world/life/people expect us to be helpless. Restoring the willingness to be see as powerful, strong and capable as we really are.


Left Shin

Healing dissociation, fear, shock and frozeness that derails our abundance efforts. Stepping out of the trench that keeps us stuck and stepping into the light that guides our path. Trusting that the light will always be there guiding our way to true North.


Right Shin

Healing our broken spirits and domestication. Breaking free of the energetic cast that limits our freedom and identities. Reclaiming calcified energy that keeps us stuck in the same place.


Left Knee

Healing Self Sabotage and the blind panic, terror and hysteria that underlies self sabotage. Clearing the tribal/group/family/friends/work dynamics of safety and belonging that make transformation so difficult. Healing the loss of self and grief inherent in self sabotage and the times when we were punished for not self sabotaging.


Right Knee

Healing the cynicism, fear, defeated, worn out energy that create challenges and obstacles in our lives. Healing the part of us that "has been there, done that" and wants no part of it again. Clearing the frequencies of bitterness and anger that make moving forward so difficult.


Left Thigh

Clearing the energy that makes us go blank, disappear, negate, void our selves. Healing the energy of "not self", the hollowed out, dried out and weak part of our selves. Restoring spontaneity, energy, power, strength and vitality within ourselves.


Right Thigh

Clearing the visceral, flooding fear of threats and dangers on planet earth and walking your chosen path. Restoring the dignity, strength, power and purpose of your sovereign identity.


Left Root #1

Clearing the energy of not wanting to be on planet earth, in your body, in your tribe. Clearing blocks to accessing your full raw power and strength and being fully present in your body. Clearing the energies of being a means to end, not and end in and of yourself.


Right Root #1. 

Clearing the drain, exhaustion, anger and depression created by the natural cycles of entropy/syntropy. Healing the fear, panic and stress around survival on planet earth with humanity. Clearing the fear of being physically unsafe on planet earth, in the body and on planet earth.


Left Root #2. 

Clearing the anxiety, over stimulation, ungrounded excess energy in reaction to your environment. Healing the effect of tribal conditioning that blocks and truncates power, vitality, strength, autonomy & independence. Clearing the confusion and doubt that accessing all power is permitted. Restoring the commitment to the adventure of living in the body, on planet earth, with tribes, with strength, power, autonomy and independence.


Right Root #2

Clearing the relentless intensity of living and lack of breaks that limit launching your life in the direction you want. Healing the blocks & programming that have turned off, sequestered and exiled power, strength & vitality. Clearing the vow to never be seen as powerful as you really are.