Optimal Vitality Membership Sessions

Welcome to The Largest On Demand Biofield Tuning Library Available

Ensure you are living with clarity and coherence in your most valuable asset: Your Energy System.   We will target the whole body: organs, energy system, specific ailments as well as emotions and attitudes relating to strength & vitality, health & well being and abundance & prosperity.   In essence, we will help create a life of Optimal Vitality. 

No matter where you are in your journey, you will benefit from these sessions. We will address the blocks to creativity, receiving, visioning, moving forward, eliminating old habits and patterns and more.

These sessions will lend a much needed boost to conquer challenges, resistance and struggle in maintaining a vibrant life.

If you cannot attend the live sessions, you can access the library at your convenience.  It includes all previous sessions and is the largest Biofield Tuning library anywhere, with new sessions added weekly .   

In addition, your membership includes a 14 Session Beginners Sequence that starts with the fundamentals in energy medicine and healing.  By following this sequence first, you are in a prime position to take full advantage of all subsequent sessions.  Every session after this sequence will be deeper, fuller and easier to integrate.  This series alone will transform your life! 

Your membership includes a free 7 day trial.

***Please note that Biofield Tuning is not appropriate for those diagnosed with cancer, other serious illnesses, pregnancy, or those using a pacemaker.

Optimal Vitality Beginners Sequence

Optimal Vitality Library

Optimal Vitality Membership Details

 Thursdays at 6pm Pacific Time

Membership is $120.00/month for one session per week.  This breaks down to $30.00/session. Each session is one hour.   For less than a single in person session, you will receive 4 sessions a month and access to the largest On Demand Biofield Tuning Archive in the world. 

Details for listening live will be sent out 24 hours before each session.  If cannot listen live, sessions can be found in the archive you can listen at your convenience. 

As long as your membership is active, you will receive access to an archive of all sessions to be streamed at your convenience.