The Architecture of Consciousness

Change the Structure 
of Who You Are.   

Welcome to The Architecture of Consciousness where your unique energetic expression is modulated into coherence and harmony.  If you are struggling, feel stuck or are suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual challenges, there is good news. You can change your Architecture of Consciousness.

Unleash Your Magnificence 

It's time for you to experience the Magnificence that you are.  Join The Magnificence Project a 

Free 7 Session Biofield Tuning Course and enjoy a whole new level of freedom, aliveness and joy.   

Adjust Your Deepest Self

Everyone's consciousness organizes itself into a predictable pattern.  This is The Architecture of Consciousness. 

The Problem:

When a person's Architecture of Consciousness is weighed down by incoherent patterns due to stress, life events, illness or other factors life becomes difficult, restrictive and painful. Standard healing efforts are temporary or ineffective leaving one frustrated and continually searching for answers. 

The Solution:

Now we can directly interact with the structure of that pattern. Biofield Tuning modulates the electrical fields that occur in your Architecture of Consciousness.  As the tuning forks introduce new frequencies,  your field entrains with the new frequencies and your Architecture of Consciousness changes.

*Please note that Biofield Tuning is not appropriate for those diagnosed with cancer, other serious illnesses, pregnancy, or those using a pacemaker.

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Client Testimonials

I had stubborn sciatica that was affecting my life in ways I don't want to remember.  It was so bad that I had to ask my husband to retrieve food from the refrigerator.
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Pauline Keating
Organizational Development Consultant

I’ve been a long time recipient of acupuncture and acupressure, to resolve various sports related pain and injuries. However, I typically required several treatments on the same             Click to read more

Scott Lacey
Telephony Engineer

After my first session with Kristen, I felt good, but it wasn't until she called to check in the next day that I realized: I had been failing to get around to beginning a long overdue . . .
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Lara Cardona 
Creativity Coach

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