Group Programs

Join us for cost effective and fun group programs!

You can join live or when your schedule permits. We will address a variety of issues through Biofield Tuning or BodyIntuitive to ensure your system is running smoothly.  

I look forward to seeing you there! 

The Magnificence Project

The Magnificence Project is a self directed, online course that systematically tunes all 7 chakras to express your magnificence.   Over 7 hours, your blocks to being and expressing your innate magnificence will be modulated to a clearer, more coherent frequency.   

This is a good program to repeat as your needs and life changes.  It can be the "oil change" your system needs to run smoothly as life brings its challenges. 

BodyIntuitive Seasonal Elemental Resets 

In 5 Element Theory, your body, mind and spirit are integrally connected to the seasons.  Each season has an element that is also present in the body and connects you to nature and the greater universe.  We will address your emotions, health frequencies and epigenetic factors. 

Each season, we will support your energy system and body to adapt to the cyclical changes inherent in living in this beautiful place.