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This FREE COURSE will adjust your Architecture of Consciousness to a new level of Magnificence.  We will systematically tune your system in order to clear incoherent frequencies that interfere with your Magnificent Self.  

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Solidify Your Foundation 1 Lesson

Root Chakra

Ah, the root chakra, the elusive foundation of your consciousness.  This chakra stores all the unconscious fears we have about being in our bodies,  humanity as a collective, and the inherent dangers of life on the planet.  

In short, it carries your basic sense of safety.  And that sense of safety is largely unconsciousness.  It is very difficult to see the effects of the root chakra in daily life because it is so woven into all of our experiences that we take this chakra's perspective for granted as absolute truth.  An unexamined truth, but truth all the same.  

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Clarify Your Worth 1 Lesson

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Shine Your Inner Sun 1 Lesson

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Open Your Heart 1 Lesson

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Articulate Your Magnificence 1 Lesson

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Laser Sight on Opportunities 1 Lesson

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BONUS -- Be in the Magnificent Present 1 Lesson