Precision medical intuition

BodyIntuitive combines the cutting edge approaches of epigenetics, classical Chinese medicine and quantum physics to achieve the best in wellness care. 

Classical chinese medicine

For 3,000 years classical Chinese medicine has perfected the art of energetic healing.   Using meridians, acupoints, organ energy systems and the vital body substances of Qi, Jing, Blood, Yin, Yang, Damp & Phlegm a wide variety of imbalances are corrected.  

Cutting edge western science

Using the latest developments in neuroscience, epigenetics, immunology, metabolism, the microbiome as well as the mind/body connection, the whole body is supported and nurtured back to wellness.

Quantum Physics

In the quantum field, space and distance are irrelevant.  By using energy techniques to deliver healing sessions, we are not bound by physical space and time.   There is no need to struggle in traffic or fight to find a parking space.  Sessions are delivered via telephone or video. 

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Bodyintuitive: Precision medical intuitionBodyIntuitive combines the cutting edge approaches of epigenetics, classical

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