Biofield Tuning is the Ultimate Consciousness Hack

Sound for healing sounds kinda loopy and out there, doesn't it? It did for me. I thought it was the outgrowth of aged hippies that were looking for reasons to continue sitting around the campfire singing kumbaya.  Turns out I was wrong - completely and utterly wrong.  Sound can heal. Anyone interested in mindset training, consciousness, deliberate manifestation, spirituality, healing etc. is familiar with the notion that to change your circumstances you must change from the inside out. Often this is called changing your vibration, the…

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Welcome! My name is Kristen Arneberg and I am thrilled to connected with you. As you probably can guess, Biofield Tuning is my passion. It opened up incredible power and authenticity for me and I am dedicated to sharing it with the world.Why Biofield Tuning?It is simple. It's gentle & noninvasive. It's elegant. It's liberating. What more could you ask from a healing modality? I came to Biofield Tuning almost as a lark.  I had done huge amounts of work on my childhood experiences but…

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