About Me

I believe that everyone deserves a clear biofield. When I came across Biofield Tuning, I fell in love instantly with the ease, simplicity and effectiveness of the method. Issues, problems and complaints seemed to dissolve instantly, and all I had to do was lie on the couch! How fantastic!

Moreover, there is clear science supporting the existence of both the biofield and the efficacy of using sound to interact with it. This was a relief to me. I am a deeply spiritual person, but I do live in the modern world. As such, I love that Biofield Tuning brings both sides of my identity together to work in harmony. In the past, these two sides felt at odds with each other. Now they are in concert and I am far happier!

Pioneering biofield researcher Eileen Day McKusick, discovered that it is possible to directly interact with and adjust the human biofield.  This changes the mental, emotional and physical makeup of the individual. Using tuning forks, one can engage the biofield in its natural state, one of frequency and vibration. By introducing a harmonic sound wave pattern to the biofield, distortions are identified and modulated to a healthy frequency. Healthier frequencies result in healthier minds, bodies and spirits.  Healthier frequencies result in less stress and more vibrancy.  Life is just plain better!

Another phenomenal attribute of biofield tuning is the hypothesis of the Biofield Anatomy Map. Rigorous documentation and study has revealed that there is a predictable geography of stress, trauma, illness, and suffering that manifests in the human biofield. In other words, humans store stress in the same places. And it is not in the mind. Or rather, what we call the mind is the sum total of the vibration of the biofield.  It has nothing to do with the brain. This is a relief! Now it is possible to specifically target a troubling issue, modulate the biofield that governs that area and experience HUGE shifts.  Life becomes flow and harmony not stress/reaction/more stress.

This is my effort to bring this work to the world. I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from this elegant, noninvasive modality to heal their lives and the planet. If everyone, say upon high school graduation, had a few sessions to clear their biofields, this world would be a far different place. And it is never too late!