Why Chase Symptoms When Your Body Knows?

 Confusion is painful!  And expensive! And can be heartbreaking.  
I help you figure out what your body, mind & spirit really needs. 

The Best of contemporary Healing & Wellness

Body Intuitive - Precision Medical Intuition
Leverage the Best of East & West healing

Get into the nitty gritty of what is happening in your body and give it exactly what it needs.  Discover if your body needs classical Chinese medicine, an upgrade in the body/mind connection or the latest in western medical science including epigenetics. These sessions are perfect for those who struggle with chronic/long term issues, COVID (long haul or active symptoms)weight loss or those want to ensure they are in touch with their mind/body connection.     

Biofield tuning - Cutting edge electrical health

Biofield Tuning modulates the electrical expression of your mind, body & spirit.  Tuning forks harmonize the frequencies in the in the biomagnetic field that surrounds the body. It resolves distortion in your electromagnetic field, leaving you feeling calm, clear and free of stress.  Often longstanding, chronic conditions are resolved. 

My Story


Nice to see you here!  I've been practicing energy medicine for a couple of decades and intimately know powerful it is, especially for stubborn issues.  

This is my effort to bring this work to the world. I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from these elegant, noninvasive modalities to heal their lives and the planet. If everyone, say upon high school graduation, had a few sessions to clear their energetic blocks, this world would be a far different place. And it is never too late!

Have questions?  Drop me a line; I'd love to chat!


When I get stuck, I call Kristen.  She can ferret out the root of all sorts of stuff.  She helped me heal chronic knee and wrist issues, digestion problems and ease the grief and pain of losing my mother after she succumbed to cancer.  If you are new to energy medicine, try it; you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Scott Lacy

Engineer, Columbia MD

Working with Kristen helped me release grief that was weighing me down but I had no conscious awareness of it.  Once it shifted, I felt lighter and filled with optimism and was able to access my creativity with more ease than before.  It's amazing how she can find things that you don't know are making life harder than it has to be. 

Megan Cook


At 78 years old, I've had a lifetime of ailments that I can rattle off as irritating realities of aging.  I thought I had to live with it and there was nothing anyone could really do.  But, by working with Kristen, I've been able to heal back and hip pain, memory issues, low energy issues, digestive issues as well as restoring overall energy levels.  I think of her as my secret weapon against the vagaries of aging.  You CAN age with ease, grace and style with the right tools and help!  

Pauline Keating

CONSULTANT Los angeles, CA

Kristen is such a compassionate and loving healer. Working with her allowed me to feel safe enough to unbury energy and emotions that I kept hidden, because I was afraid of judgment from others and self-judgment. She has the skill, knowledge, and intuition to facilitate sessions that have allowed me to go deep and really shift old patterns and habits. This has been so helpful and supportive in creating more balanced relationships. I highly recommend working with Kristen.

Rachel Morihito